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Experience the rich night-life in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Iceland is known lively night-life and fun people. Reykjavik - Bars, pubs and nightclubs As with Reykjavik the best spots to start socializing are bars and pubs, as well... read more
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Use Iceland Express to fly low fare to Iceland
Iceland Express is the only low fare airline in Iceland flying from Iceland. Iceland is the ideal place for taking a break and setting foot on a European outpost with an exciting, lively, and ancient – but living culture all of its own. You’ll feel at home – free to walk around, shop, admire, explore.
Car Rental in Iceland
To get to know Iceland first hand the best way is to rent a car and experience it first hand.
Iceland has form great selection of hotels to choose from, both within Reykjavik and around the country. Through Lodging you can book online and select from many hotels and guesthouses around the country.
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